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There is no denying the Australian Agricultural industry is facing some challenging times so building efficiency and consistency in servicing agricultural machinery is more important than ever before.

TOTAL’s DYNATRANS MPV and DYNATRANS VX FE lubricants provide the perfect solution for agricultural operators, offering a range of benefits for a diverse range of equipment.
TOTAL’s DYNATRANS MPV and VX FE are formulated for transmissions that incorporate wet brake systems that require API GL-4 performance level lubricants as well as a need to meet specific tractor OEM requirements.
A key benefit of TOTAL DYNATRANS MPV & VX FE is their versatility as a true Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) for agricultural machinery, which ultimately reduces and simplifies stock requirements.  TOTAL DYNATRANS MPV & VX FE products are well suited to automatic transmissions, torque converters and hydrostatic transmissions and are also designed to lubricate hydraulic systems, power assisted steering and Power Take Off’s (PTO) with wet clutches.
Commitment to creating true value based offerings to the Agricultural market comes from TOTAL’s cutting edge lubricant research and development centre in Solaize, France that comprehensively studies and understands areas in engine and drivetrain development, lubrication and combustion. This testing regime leads to the high quality industry leading products from TOTAL that is ultimately making a difference where it counts, on the land. 
The TOTAL DYNATRANS MPV and VX FE both show excellent low and high temperature performance to protect friction brakes sticking in cold temperatures and at the other end of the scale, control judder and slip during high heat situations.
TOTAL’s DYNATRANS MPV specification oil is a proven lubricant the market knows and loves. The synthetic version is DYNATRANS VX FE, adds even higher levels of performance with increased heavy load resistance for extended durability of gears and hydraulic components. Furthermore, DYNATRANS VX FE utilises TOTAL’s Fuel Economy technology to generate a reduction in mechanical losses through the drivetrain, which further reduces fuel consumption.
TOTAL DYNATRANS MPV and VX FE are recommended for a large range of tractors including John Deere, Case, New Holland, Ford, Kubota, Massey Ferguson and more.
“With flexibility of operation in a huge range of agricultural vehicles under a wide variety of conditions, all while meeting OEM requirements, TOTAL Oil Australia’s DYNATRANS MPV and VX FE products are a smart addition for operators large and small around the country,” said Gary Spencer, TOTAL Oil Australia Technical Service Engineer.  
To learn more on TOTAL’s DYNATRANS MPV and VX FE  lubricant offerings and how TOTAL Oil Australia can provide your total lubricant solution head to, call ADELAIDE OIL 08 8244 5404 or email